Football Manager 2020 Guide, Tactics and Tips And More

Football Manager 2020

The guide will help you familiarize yourself with the basic features of the game and help you during the game. FM 20

In the first part of guide, the first steps to prepare the roster for the first big game are listed. Football Manager 2020

The next section of the guide contains a wide range of public tips. Our offers will surely help you start your career as president and better understand all the valuable features. Another part includes all the necessary news about choosing truth formation, introduction to tactics, trainings, transfers, contacts, collaboration with assistants and the president’s services. Next, we will talk about how the player will prepare his squad for a league match and how to lead to victory in the field. Last but not least Football Manager 2020

We will list the system requirements of .

Tips and tricks for a smooth start

  • Football Manager 2020
    In our guide we have devoted a lot of space for tips and tricks for novice players. Among these tips, we added information about valuable issues for team report, assignment, transfer market and signing contracts. If you have trouble managing a club, you can expand your news.
  • Tactics Football Manager 2020
    In the guide, first of all, we will teach you how to create the most suitable formation for your squad, how to place players and how to command them.
  • Transfers FM 20
    While playing , you will need to visit the transfer market to get new players for your club. After reading this section, you will learn how to make a contract, sell players, rent or buy.
  • Scouting – The Scouting team always looks for potential players and prepares detailed reports about your opponents. FM 20
    In this part of the guide, you will learn which scouts to choose for your club, how to assign scouts and search the database.
  • Funds – this section has all the necessary news to make it easier for you to manage the club’s funds. If you don’t know how to cut costs, this section is for you.
  • game preparation FM 20
    It is very exciting to play matches and watch the progress of the players in . Control how to prepare for a match to maximize your winning luck.


Football Manager 2020 is a very complex game that can be played in many different ways. Depending on what goals you want to achieve, you should go to a reasonable side and continue this goal. For example, while leading a team under the table, you will have to work hard to overcome depression and finish the series properly. By deciding on a high-level group from the league, you will need to bring the growing demands of the board of directors to the scene. Whatever your choice, you will have to endure various troubles. These will be injuries, contracts, morale, players’ reliance or significant cuts in the budget. This part, Football Manager 2020 provides some tips to assist you in decision making and problem solving resulting from the daily life of the club.

Setting purpose

After taking over as the manager of the given club, he immediately sends his expectations to you. These expectations will be less or more challenging depending on the group. You are expected to win a trophy to maintain your position in the league. In addition to the delegation’s expectations, you should also create your own goals that will help you manage the staff better. Football Manager 2020

The objectives in can be divided into short-term and long-term.

Short term objectives

Short-term purposes are the objectives that can be achieved in the series. For example, a weaker team than the English Premier League must reach at least the 2nd type in the English League Cup or at least the 3rd type in the FA Cup. The administrative council of the most qualified staff can expect you to win the FIFA Globe Club Cup or reach the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Long term goals

Long-term goals are goals that cannot be realized urgently in a period. It takes up to 5 years to apply. The head of a weaker staff will set a goal, for example, not to exceed the salary budget. A player who decides to lead a very appropriate team will have much more at the beginning. These could be to increase advertising revenue, to expand the stadium, to maintain the status of the most respected club in the given league.

Don’t underestimate your opponent

Football Manager 2020

In , there may also be sorrows, so you must treat each enemy with personal respect and devotion. FM 20

Keep in mind that is a computer game and everything can happen here.

Pay attention to the depth of the team

It is impossible to apply the league championship or trophy based on your first eleven or based on two players. Consider what happens if one of the players in the first eleven is injured. Even worse, 2 or more situations may arise to give up the player suddenly.

Pay attention to infrastructure wisely

Football Manager 2020

In , considering that you will have to deal with various issues and injuries of players, it may be necessary to have at least an adequate substitute for each situation. Thanks to the changes, there will never be a situation where you will not be able to team up enough for the next match.

Accurate tactics are the key to success

If you have become president in a very nice club, you can try the tactics and buy players who can meet your needs in these tactics. But if you run a small club and don’t have enough budget, you need to find some solid players in your squad and put the scale of the game on their shoulders. In the meantime, try to bring new players (hired players) to strengthen the group in the shortest possible time and take the strain on the shoulders of the current available players.

Pre-match preparations

Each match requires preparation, as each group is an individual game form that must be met with real tactics. If you are clearly playing with a weaker squad or head of the league, it is always worth taking some time to analyze Scout reports.

Instructions for gamers

After reading the Scout report, you will get all the necessary facts about the opponent’s team. With this news, you can give personal instructions to selected players. For example, midfielder players will be careful to keep the middle of the environment more still.

Motivational speech

A successful mativation talk can create excellence on players entering the field. Sufficiently motivated players are more involved in the game, which results in more than enough results by the whole group.

Task distribution

Football Manager 2020

In you don’t have to make all the decisions yourself. You will find a team of specialists among the club worker who will satisfy some responsibilities from any environment. In this way, you can focus on the most precious directions of the cadre administration and assign informal employees to the relevant employees.

Which task should be assigned to whom?

Deciding which services should be done by assistants and which should be done by you should be done individually. For example, if it is difficult for you to plan a workout and your players are not ready for the awaits that await them, consider hiring a solid coach to take on this responsibility.

Negotiations and paperwork signing

Football Manager 2020

In , every footballer tries to achieve the smoothest rules of the contract. In many cases there may be unreasonable and unacceptable moments because your budget cannot support this. Well, FM 20 ‘ how can we negotiate the favorable rules of donation?

First offer

If you want to extend an existing contract, never accept the first offer to you. Keep in mind that the club’s budget is extended to each period, and you cannot afford to lose additional money. The first proposals are all sorts of coins, but if you bargain patiently, you can talk about the price and the funds obtained in this case can be spent with different ambitions.

Testing new players with trial competition

During the negotiations in the transfer market, you have managed to acquire a few new players that need to strengthen your club. Now it’s time to test them. The trial competition is the best way to test new players before placing them in the main team for the next match.

Transfer market

Transfer market is a location where you can win but lose a lot. Every process should be considered and implemented appropriately. During the transfer window, try to buy only useful players and sell those that do not match your gaming style.

Choose your transfer intentions carefully

Before you start spending club money or selling your players, think about what you want to achieve. Do not try to enter the whole sale of your players or buy new players randomly. Without proper planning, several midfielder players may appear in the barn of the transfer window, with your squad not playing more than one single match. Note that players who do not play will be paid.

Look for opportunities in the transfer market

If your budget is really limited, look for opportunities in the transfer market. Pay special attention to the players in the price transfer and those whose contract ends. Note that this medicine doesn’t even have a manager who will try to negotiate their name. Therefore, you can get a sufficient player with relatively little money.

Players at the end of their career

Players who are the endorsers of their careers can still have very good qualities and skills, and you can buy them for little money. If the administration does not restrict you, e.g. it is recommended that you bring one or two old but experienced players only if they do not want young players.

Follow your players’ careers

Every adequate manager should follow the progress of their players. This is also acceptable in Football Manager 2020. Note how your players behave in trial competitions and league matches. If a squad has problems in a certain area of ​​the field, you may need to change something from your tactics to change the course of the match.

Make a substitution

If some players are unable to meet your expectations and you have substitute players that can positively affect players, don’t be afraid to take off even the most beautiful players.

Administrative purposes and reality

Before accepting the purposes from the administration, consider whether you can complete them. Note that these will evaluate your work and, in the event of a failure, can lead to layoff even in the middle of the term. If you think the administrative goals are very much, you can negotiate with them in every period.


Before starting a League match, you must make sure that your group is prepared in a true form. To prepare the roster effectively for future matches Football Manager 2020

Use all possible sources of information available on . In this section you will find many tips to prepare the group for the next match.

Scout report

Scout report comes to your email before the match and contains a lot of useful information about the squad you will encounter. Analyzing the information prepared by Scout will help you recognize the opponent’s formation and the tactics of their choice. Additionally, you will see eleven of the rival group and you can assign limited roles to your players.

Trial competition

After reading the report about the incoming match, you can proceed to the friendly match adjustment. When choosing a group for the friendly match, your goal is to get to know the team’s playing style from the given segment and make the last adjustments to your group’s tactics.

How is the competition team selected?

Always try to choose a squad from the segment where your next opponent comes. For example, if your next opponent in the Champions League is a team playing in the Premier League, play a match against another team from that League. Thus, after the match, you will have valuable news about what kind of football is played in England.

Announcement of the group

You analyzed the Scout report and made a trial competition. If you have drawn possible scenarios at your head, you can create eleven for the upcoming session. Here we need to state that you have the last chance to introduce tactics, player selection and possible changes to the bench. How are players selected for the first eleven? Read this section to learn more.

Physical states and attitudes of the players

Pay attention to the physical condition of the players entering the field as a module of each eleven first eleven. The mental structure is also valuable. Then set players can listen to your commands.


When placing players in the square, be careful as to whether they can bring their roles with them. Remember that in small clubs, many players can only play in one situation. More beautiful clubs have players that are flexible enough to play in multiple positions. Interestingly, you don’t just have to have “green dots”, so place players where they can make tactical assumptions.

Instructions for gamers

Pay attention to the most dangerous players of the opponent and if necessary, direct your players to defend the man. It is worth remembering that applying too many defenders to the man will affect your match tactics.

Fast selection – a useful option for beginners

Fast selection is the best choice for novice players. Your assistant can do this for you if you are not sure how to set the players to the correct location. The quick selection option is located at the top of the screen, on the right.


When your team occurs, you can command your players, make changes, make tactics, and analyze their progress. In addition, it’s also worth listening to the analysis and advice you can get from your assistants. Football Manager 2020 offers an advanced match simulation engine, but don’t expect much about graphics.

As in previous versions of the series, Football Manager 2020

The match interface in is clear and allows you to respond to the current situation in the square in an effective form.

  • 1) Top panel – here you can view the match time and match score. The timeline shows the purpose or that the players have received a penalty card.
  • 2) This button allows swift substitution.
  • 3) A button that allows you to change the pattern.
  • 4) This button can be used to change the style of the game.
  • 5) This button is used to command your group.
  • 6) Select this option to receive news about formation or morale about the rival group.
  • 7) Press this button to chat with the players.
  • 8) Settings – you can make various settings while watching replays in this section.
  • 9) Pause button – with this button you can stop the match to watch certain verbs.
  • 10) Sidebar – here any kind of analysis, statistics, etc. You will find the buttons responsible for.

Motivational speech

You can give them a motivational speech before the players appear. Speech can affect the outcome of the match. It is necessary to pay attention to several valuable issues about motivational speech.

Motivational speech before the match

Successfully motivated athletes get much smoother results during the training. Before each session, try to say at least a few words that will positively affect your players’ attitude towards upcoming. If you have trouble motivating players, you can always transfer the service to your assistant, but make sure you have an assistant with a beautifully developed motivation feature.

Motivational speech during the break

If your group doesn’t play optimally on the square and your tactical goals don’t complete, don’t be afraid to say a few words. Defenders are not very effective and midfielders cannot return successfully? In order for the 2nd half of the immanence to give more appropriate results, you should decide what should be enhanced in the style of the group’s play.

Substitution during a match

You can make a number of changes to your group in every match played in Football Manager 2020. In league and cup matches, 3 player substitutions are mostly made. To change a player during a match, it is enough to go to the reasonable tab in the match interface. Select a player and drag it from the bench to the player in the field.

A quick motivational speech during the substitution

Before sending a new player to the square, you have the opportunity to have a motivational conversation with him. Use this option to make sure your player is motivated in a game-friendly form.

Tactical changes during the match

If drinking is not done compared to the plan and the situation on the playing field indicates that your group cannot win, you may want to consider changing tactics. For example, if your players open a large number of crosses and none of the players in the penalty area reach the ball (opposing defenders can respond to each occurrence), players are recommended to attack from the side.

Formation change

If necessary, you can make changes to the formation. However, you should consider the fact that players who move from their reasonable positions may have trouble applying tactical assumptions, which leads to weaker performance during the match.

Offers of assistants

Your assistants carefully examine the whole drink and take detailed notes. In this way, they can detect flaws made by individual players and issues related to the game of the whole squad. For this reason, it is recommended to pay attention to the notifications conveyed during the match.

Substitution offers

Your assistant will suggest a change if something is wrong in the area (change the player or problems with tactics). For example, if an assistant notices that one of the players is not playing optimally and is invisible in the game, the player may suggest substitution.


Football Manager 2020 is a game that does not pay attention to visual graphics. During the game, the player will be subjected to overwhelming tables, graphics and signs, which may be difficult to understand, exclusively for novice presidents. Therefore, novice players FM 20

With we have prepared a few starting tips to help him start his adventures and start a series in a successful form. There are many news and tips in the guide that will help the player develop the club and strive for the most prestigious trophies. Let’s examine them step by step:


Football Manager 2020

Before starting your career in , you need to create a president profile. The player can choose from a series of available options that allow the manager to determine the length, physical state and shape of the head.

Warning! Pay more attention to the frosts you enter on your profile.

Football Manager 2020

In you may encounter a situation where the facts you add to your profile can be used against you. For example, your favorite squad is FC Barcelona, ​​but you have taken a management position in Real Madrid. Journalists may be interested in the reason for the election given during the press congress.

President style (features)

When creating a new president profile, you can assign feature points in two fields. These are coaching or mental characteristics. Coaching is about your understanding of tactics, your coaching ability for attack or defensive training. Mental characteristics are news of motivation techniques, the ability to manage the team, etc. Includes mental qualities. It should be noted that the ability to coordinate is only useful when you plan to replace the currently supervised staff. You can freely remove points from one column and add them to a different column, but you can do this in a one-to-one environment. Points dropped from a square cannot be added to places etc.


If the technical manager profile is ready, the league selection cycle has come. When choosing a league, it is best to choose according to your preferences, so we recommend choosing a league you like. If you want to take a real challenge, you can choose one of the European leagues, as these leagues offer many teams with a wide variety of play styles.

Which league to choose in Football Manager 2020?

When choosing a league, keep in mind that most good leagues will help you lead a higher and properly trained team. Thus, you can apply many tactics and the most complex tactics. A more adequate club also has a larger budget, which allows you to purchase the most adequate players. Unfortunately, having this kind of team means that your group has more contentious administration and supporters who will not be satisfied when they are in the middle of the table. Choosing a team from less powerful leagues is also a big challenge because players who play in less powerful leagues cannot be trained in a proper form if they are not properly trained.


After selecting the league, you will be directed to the squad selection window. It is worth choosing the most suitable among all the cadres available or who can achieve your goals.

Which squad should be selected in Football Manager 2020?

If you decide to choose one of the most beautiful groups in the given league, FM 20

Even at the beginning of the adventure you can have a strong team that will allow you to practice many tactical practices. Leading such a team will not be a problem, and winning a match will be less rewarding. But choosing a mid-level or low-level team gives you more options. Once the game has started, you will have several solid players who can perform your chosen tactics, and as my team progresses, you will buy new players to help you build a successful squad. Leading this type of team requires more work, but delivers much more.


Your worker consists of highly skilled people. Quickly after receiving a president status, a detailed report about your new club will be sent to your email address. It is necessary to read this email to check the strengths and weaknesses of the team and to allow you to plan how to lead the cluster and what tactics to choose. For example, if your group plays the ball properly, it is rather worth choosing an approach that includes a local pass. On the other hand, if your squad has a weak spot, it is recommended to change it to the middle play with the help of midfielders.

Check your group’s era against informal teams in the given league

From this report, you can see the training of your team against other clubs. The news, which you can read from the graphics, will help you focus on the most precious fronts of the game and show which sides need to be adjusted. For example, if your group is weak when rival kets are the subject of words, consider pulling back the line of defense. With this easy method, you can make the game more difficult for the opponent who will try to bypass your defense line with long, high passes.


The public report should provide you with many valuable things. You can use this data to create unique tactics. Transfer of acquaintance with players who will now have to complete tactical purposes given by you. Pay attention to the characteristics of the players that determine their abilities. Moreover, each player has several roles in the field and with favorite moves.

Test players’ skills

In Football Manager, the attributes of the player reflect his abilities. Switch to the detailed view to determine if you have a true player for your squad. For example, if you are looking for a central defender, you need to pay attention to a number of features. These are height, jumping, speed, taking the ball and moving with the ball. There is no situation where the defender cannot capture the ball and play with an ordinary pass.

Check out the roles of the players

FM 20

In , many players have only one main role and cannot achieve satisfactory results when playing with a different player. Football Manager 2020

In we can mention that you will find a multi-directional player who can play both as an aggressive midfielder and a winger.

Browse your players’ favorite moves

Every player in your group has limited favorite moves. Less advanced players can only have one or two moves, while the most eligible players can have many of them. For example, if a player likes to perform aggressive moves on the left-hand, and the ball moves forward and places the ball on the wings, this will make him a perfect player against weaker opponents. During this type of match, you can give your player more freedom, but if the match is difficult, consider imposing a certain limitation that will prevent players from leaving their services.

Check which foot players are still using

Most of the most professional football players from clubs can play with both feet, which is of course their great advantage. Unfortunately, players of this breed cost money, and many of the groups are unable to afford such players, especially at the beginning of the game. Among the weaker teams, you will find players who can only play with one foot. Pay more attention to these statistics when choosing players for the given location. Örneğin, her iki kanattan sahanın ortasına gitmeyi seven her iki ayağı ile oynayabilecek agresif bir orta saha oyuncusu, acilen hemen her konumdan şut çekebilecek durum yaratabilen son kademe bedelli bir oyuncu olacaktır.


Takımın derinliği kulübünüzü daha uygun tanımanızı sağlayacak. Bu sekme, belli bir konumda kaç oyuncunun oynayabileceğini denetim etmenizi sağlar. Bunlar, bir grup oluştururken, taktikler kurarken ve yede kulübesi için oyuncu seçerken kullanılabilecek çok kıymetli haberlerdir. Meydandaki bir durumun münasip bir formda görevlendirilmemesi durumunda, aktarım pazarında yanlışsız noktada hakikat biçimde oynayacak bir oyuncu bulunması tavsiye edilir.

Futbolcuları dikkat ederek satın alın

Aktarım pazarında oyuncu satın alırken, hepsini kullanamayacağınız için sahanın bir kısmı için çok ziyade oyuncu satın almadığınızdan emin olun. Başkan olarak maceranızın en başında kadronuzun en zayıf cephesini güçlendirecek oyuncuları seçmeye odaklanın. Canlı olarak oynamayan lakin grupta olan oyuncuların size maliyetini unutmayın.


Ekibinizin güçlü ve zayıf istikametlerinin ne olduğunu aslında biliyorsunuz. İlgili tüm raporları okudunuz, oyuncuların özelliklerini ve tercih edilen rollerini denetim ettiniz ve takımın derinliğine dikkat ettiniz. Artık Football Manager 2020‘de taktikleri ayarlamak için gerekli tüm datalara sahipsiniz. Taktikler, FM 20‘deki kilit ögelerdir. Bunları yanlışsız seçmek maçın sonucunu belirleyecektir.

Football Manager 2020’de kaç tane taktik vardır?

Football Manager 2020, oyuncuya istediği devir değiştirebileceği birkaç taktik ayarlamasına müsaade verir. En uygun seçenek 3 emniyetli taktik hazırlamaktır:

  • Maçların büyük çoğunluğu için birinci, temel taktik
  • 2. taktik favori olduğun maçlar ve atağa odaklanabileceğiniz maçlar için
  • Kadronuzun savunmasına büyük ehemmiyet vermeniz gereken en âlâ kadrolarla oynanan maçlar için de üçüncü taktik


Football Manager 2020‘de bir lig dönemine hazırlanmak, grubun moladan dönen oyuncularına antrenman yaptırılması ve ekibi disipline etmek son radde değerlidir. Molalardan dönen oyuncuların tembel olabileceğini hatırlamakta yarar var. Onları ağır antrenmanlardan geçirmelisiniz. Hem fizikî hem de zihinsel eğitim, dönem başında tatmin edici sonuçlar almanızı sağlayacak ve yaralanma riskini değerli ölçüde azaltacaktır.


Moral, lig oyunlarında uzun bir aradan sonra düşen bir faktördür. Müsaadeden yeni dönen oyuncular çalışmak için çok az motivasyona sahiptir. Dahası, ekibiniz yeni bir başkanın liderliğinde olacak ve herkes sizinle mesrur olmayacaktır. Vazifeniz ekipteki ruh halini güzelleştirmek ve oyuncuları düzgün bir formda motive etmek, bu yüzden her maçtan evvel morallerini artıracak müzakereler yapmak gerekiyor. Oyuncularınızla mümkün olduğunca sık konuşun. Bu, katiyen kadro için daha düzgün sonuçlar verecektir.

Kondisyon Arttırmak

Lig maçlarındaki her uzun ara, oyuncularınızın kondisyonunu olumsuz tesirler. Bu yüzden oyuncular baştan beri çok çalışmalı, müsaadelerinin bittiğini anlamalı ve ciddiyete bürünmelidir. Emeliniz lig tablosunda üst sıralarda mahal almak yahut kupalardan birine hak kazanmak. Birinci iki hafta ağır kondisyon çalışmalarına ayrılmalıdır. Mümkünse, geri kalanını minimumla sınırlayın, lakin bir maçtan sonra bir gün müsaade verin. 3 hafta sonra, eğitimin yoğunluğunu kademeli olarak azaltmaya başlayabilir ve bu durumu 2 yahut 3 hafta daha koruyabilirsiniz. Bir maçtan evvelki son haftalar biraz daha hafif olmalı. Bu tıp bir eğitim programı öneriyoruz. Şunlara dikkat etmelisiniz:

  • Lig oyunlarından uzun bir aradan sonra, oyuncular süratli bir formda uygun kondisyona dönmek için çok çalışmak zorundalar. Bu periyotta, müsabaka maçları oynamayın, böylelikle antrenmanı arttırmak için devriniz olacak.
  • Bir sonraki aşamada deneme müsabakaları oynamaya başlayacaksınız, böylelikle oyuncular spor salonunda daha az yoğunlukta çalışacaklar.
  • Hazırlık devrinin son aşaması lig maçları başlayacağı için oyuncular kendilerine haddinden fazla yüklenmemelidir.


Birinci müsabaka maçları hazırlık devrinin 2-3 haftasında planlanmalıdır. Bu mühlet zarfında, oyuncular kondisyonlu olmalıdır. Ekibinizdeki moral gereğince yüksekse , grup yeteneklerinin birinci gerçek testine başlayabilirsiniz. Ayrıyeten, müsabaka maçları seçilen taktikleri test etmek ve hazırlanan oyun planında sonuncu değişiklikleri tanıtmak için kusursuz bir fırsattır.

Football Manager 2020’de dostluk maçları nasıl planlanmalıdır?

Birinci dostluk maçı kulüp içindeki oyuncular arasında organize edilmelidir. Bu, seçtiğiniz taktikleri test etmenin birinci ve en yeterli yoludur. Oyuncularınızı gitgide artan kavi durumlara getirmek için gitgide daha sıkıntı ekiplere karşı daha çokça müsabaka maçı oynanmalıdır. Gruplamadan evvelki son iki dostluk maçı, yedek oyuncuları test etmek için daha zayıf kadrolara karşı oynanmalıdır. Bu maçlar sayesinde, hangi oyuncuların birinci onbirde yan alabileceklerini keşfedeceksiniz.

Taktiklerinizi geliştirin

Müsabaka maçları, seçilen taktikleri test etmenizi sağlayacaktır. Müsabaka maçları, grubun çeşitli taktik seçeneklerini ve konfigürasyonlarını test etme fırsatı sunar. Bunu fark ederseniz, ör. sahanın kimi meydanlarında işler planlandığı üzere gitmiyor yahut oyunculardan biri beklentilerinizi karşılamıyorsa, bu bir lig maçından evvel değişiklikleri uygulamak için en düzgün ve son şansınızdır.


Ekibinizin güçlü ve zayıf yanlarını öğrenmeyi başardınız. Oyuncularınızı incelediniz, özelliklerini ve tercih ettiğiniz hareketleri öğrendiniz ve onların inancını kazandınız. Kadronuzu güçlendirdiğiniz için aktarım pazarında birkaç oyuncu almayı başarmış olabilirsiniz. Akıllıca taktikleri kurdunuz, kadrosu çetin bir hazırlık devri boyunca yönettiniz ve birkaç müsabaka maçı oynadınız. Idare becerilerinizi gerçek manada test etme devranı, yani puan kazanmak için birinci maç başlıyor.

Scout ekibinin raporunu denetim ve tahlil edin

Her maçtan evvel gelen kutunuzda rakipleriniz hakkında scout ekibiniz tarafından hazırlanan ayrıntılı bir rapor bulacaksınız. Bu raporda çok kıymetli haberler bulacaksınız. Örneğin rakip ekibin formasyonu ve birinci onbiri hakkında. Mevcut tüm malumatları öğrendikten sonra, bir sonraki içtimadan evvel taktiklerinizde kimi ayarlamalar yapabileceksiniz.

Lig maçı öncesi son hazırlıklar

Scout ekibinin raporunu okuduktan ve rakip taktiklerini tahlil ettikten sonra, bir deneme müsabaka maçı başlatabilirsiniz. Oyun stillerini öğrenmek için ortamdaki öbür gruplardan bir rakip seçtiğinizden emin olun.


Football Manager 2020, içinde gerçekçi grafikler barındıran bir oyun değil. Bir futbol menajeri oynamak, büyük ölçüde tablo, grafik yahut istatistik görüntülemekten ibaret olduğu için, sistem gereksinimleri yüksek değildir. Maç simülasyonu, evvelki sürümlerle karşılaştırıldığında biraz geliştirilmiş olağan bir 3D motor tarafından gerçekleştirilir.

Football Manager 2020’nin minimum sistem gereksinimleri

  • İşletim sistemi – Windows 7 (SP1) /8/8. 1/10 64 bit
  • İşlemci – Intel Pentium 4 2. 2 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 2. 2 GHz
  • Bellek – 2 GB RAM
  • GPU – 256 MB GeForce 9600M / Radeon HD 3650 yahut daha düzgünü
  • Disk sahası – 7 GB


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