World Famous Name 15 finds out pretty’ll be surprised strains that Dayana Turkey

As Turks, we are everywhere.

1. Hugh Jackman announced that his grandfather’s grandfather was Turkish.

He knows that his great-grandfather, who was born on the island of Chios in the Ottoman lands at that time and who was banking in Istanbul, was half Greek and half Turkish, and he described himself as an Ottoman grandson.

2. The descendants of an era known by researchers that the players have made Steven Seagal also found that the Turkey.

The American actress who researched her offspring learned that she was a Turk of Central Asian origin.

3. Adele also the most powerful names in the world of popular music origins in an interview a few years ago he said that based on Turkey.

He explained that there is a hybrid by saying “My family has Turkish, Spanish and British”.

4. Nobody knows that Kim Kardashian is of Armenian origin.

Although his grandmother was Kayseri and his grandfather were Kars-born Armenians, they were also related to the Turks during their living in this land. A few years ago it appeared remote cousins ​​in Turkey.

5. Rita Wilson, the wife of Tom Hanks, who caught and survived the coronavirus last month, is of Turkish origin.

Although it is said that he hides that he is the daughter of a Turkish and Muslim family who migrated from the village of Xanthi Yassıören of Greece; his father Halil İbrahim is known to be Pomak.

6. Jerry Seinfeld, a comedian who made his mark on television history with the TV series “Seinfeld”, is of Turkish and Syrian origin.

His fate has changed with his grandfather Selim Hüsnü’s immigration to America.

7. Antony Costa, a member of the Blue group, which was storming in our country for a while, is of Greek and Turkish origin.

The son of a family that migrated from Cyprus to England. Let’s say that Simon Webbe from the group is married to a Turk named Ayşen Kemal.

8. Tamer Hassan, who played a role in famous productions such as “Game of Thrones”, “War of the Titans”, “Batman”, is also a Turkish Cypriot.

Belle, the daughter of Tamer Hassan, the son of a family who immigrated to England, is on his way to fame.

9. The father of Vandela Kirsebom, one of the most popular models of the 90s, was Turkish.

As a daughter of a Norwegian mother and a Turkish father, she was discovered in Sweden and moved to America to become the face of famous brands.

10. Former Greek prime minister Aleksis Cipras announced that his grandparents had migrated from a village of Kırklareli Babaeski.

The politician, who said that he felt as if he was in his country during a visit to Thrace, gained the sympathy of the people.

11. The famous singer Bob Dylan, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature, is also one of the names explaining that he is of Turkish origin.

In his autobiography he wrote, he explained that his family migrated to Kars Kağızman and then to Trabzon while living in Istanbul.

12. World famous model Irina Shayk is also Tatar Turk.

The father of the model whose real surname is Shaykhlislamova (Şeyhislamova), Tatar, her mother is Russian. He stepped into fame by shortening his surname, which was long and difficult to pronounce.

13. Rhian Brewster, one of Britain’s most popular footballers, also came out of Turkish origin.

The 20-year-old star actress whose father is from Barbados and whose mother is Turkish is one of the promising names.

14. Metisha Schaefer, known as Germany’s Kim Kardashian, does not hide that he is Turkish.

Metisha Schaefer, whose real name is Mehtap Yavuz, is the daughter of a family from Samsun. After catching fame in Germany, he moved to America and continues his life here.

15. The famous YouTuber Hailey Sani, also known in our country recently, is also Turkish.

The life of Eylul Sani, who was originally born to a family of Van in Izmir, changed when she moved to America. It is also known in our country with the Turkish channel opened under the name of Hailey Eylul Sani, but the foreign fan base is much more.


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